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Maxxam International and the Maxxam team draw on experience with the following Event Organising Committees:

Olympic Games (Summer)
- 2008 Beijing
- 2004 Athens
- 2000 Sydney (Olympic and Paralympic)
- 1996 Atlanta

Olympic Games (Winter)
- 2006 Torino
- 2002 Salt Lake City
- 1998 Nagano

Commonwealth Games
- 2010 Delhi
- 2008 Pune (Youth Commonwealth Games)
- 2006 Melbourne
- 2002 Manchester

Asian Games
- 2006 Doha

Bid Committees
- 2014 Sochi (Winter Olympic Games)
- 2012 Paris (Summer Olympic Games)

Other Games and Events

- 2003 Rugby World Cup

It is our experience, skills, dedication and commitment that has allowed us to advice and assist various organising committees to quantify, develop and document their requirements. Such is our knowledge and experience we have performed this function across numerous program areas: Relay, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Cultural Festivals, Youth Camp, Medal Ceremonies, Image and Look, Sponsorship Sales and Servicing, Logistics, Finance and Procurement.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Federal Government
AMP (Australian Mutual Providers)
Australian Rugby Union
Australian Tourism Commission
British Foreign & Commonwealth Office
British Broadcasting Corporation
Channel 7 Australia
Coca Cola
Commonwealth Games Federation
Event Knowledge Services
Guardian Media Group
General Motors
Harley Davidson
International Olympic Committee
Media Op(p)s
News Ltd
Olympic Games Knowledge Services
Spinifex Interactive
Volkswagen Group