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Doha 2006 Asian Games
Asian Games Torch Relay

Maxxam staffs, directly employed by the Organising Committee were responsible for every facet of planning and delivery of this event. With staff based in Doha, Qatar for the length of the project, our team directed the relay from the outset, developing all project, operational & strategic plans, budgets and support services.

As the Relay Director, Di Henry led a multinational, multi-skilled team in delivering a relay that travelled to 15 Asian nations including the Middle East, over 55 days and covered a distance of 60,000 kms. The Doha 2006 Torch Relay was also the first ever relay to have a member of the host countries Royal Family travel with the relay for its entire duration.

Ceremonies and Cultural Events

As part of the Ceremonies and Cultural Events department, Maxxam staffs were also involved with the planning and project management of the following program areas:
Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Cultural Festival, Youth Camp and Medal Ceremonies, as well as being involved in the design, creative and programming of those events.

Whilst directing the Torch Relay for the Doha 2006 Asian Games, we also contributed to the Taste of Qatar Cultural Tour.