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Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Olympic Torch Relay

WHAT A MEMORY!!!!! This relay is often referred to as the most successful and most excellent relay ever staged. It certainly turned the tide, especially in terms of public opinion in the lead up to the games. From the moment it landed at Uluru, it was if there was a wave of enthusiasm rushing towards the games. The relay director and now Maxxam’s President, Di Henry led a team of true believers, who were enthusiastic about their roles and involvement from the very outset.

The Sydney relay was a demanding but dynamic and innovative one. The relay lasted 127 days, with 100 of these spent travelling around Australia, visiting over 1,000 towns and providing 13,000 Torchbearers with an opportunity to carry the Olympic flame. It was also the first time ever that the Olympic flame had been carried underwater. As employees of the Organising Committee, the Maxxam team were fully responsible for the planning, management and operational delivery of the relay and the delivery of the Olympic flame to the Games Opening Ceremony.

Sydney 2000 Olympic Journey &
other Special Events

Maxxam's staff also produced and directed the Olympic Journey Program. The Olympic Journey was a series of 24 ‘main street’ parades across Australia over a 6 month period. Community picnics, formal dinners and an Olympic/Paralympic Exhibition followed these parades.

Maxxam staff also managed other events including: the SOCOG Logo launch; the SOCOG Mascots launch; Paralympic Logo launch; return of the Olympic Flag parades; and numerous sponsor launches and events.