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Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games
Queens Jubilee Baton Relay

Maxxam, through its President Di Henry, were responsible for the overall management and direction of the relay with its staff filling all senior management roles.

Maxxam established and worked coherently with major print and electronic media outlets in marketing and publicising the event. The team also established a working network with over 300 Local Authorities and police, obtaining free of charge services in support of the event. The team were instrumental in obtaining government financial support for the international portion of the relay and corporate financial & VIK support for the domestic sector of the relay. In addition to this, the team was successful in acquiring the services of many high profile athletes and TV personnel to assist in raising the profile of the Baton Relay.

The relay travelled internationally for 87 days visiting 23 countries across 5 continents, covering a distance of 58,000 miles. Nationally, the relay travelled throughout the United Kingdom for 50 days, covering 5,000 miles and involving 5,000 Runners.